"Fashion direct response advertising is tough to get right. Our brand is important to us. I was impressed when Ready Set nailed it on the first try."

DTC Fashion requires nuanced creative.

Most DTC products rely heavily (and heavy handedly) on direct response messaging: "Buy now!" "40% off!" We believe direct response messaging and respecting the brand are not mutually exclusive. This is particularly true when it comes to fashion - an emotion-laden and very personal category. We set out to create for Mott+Bow a fresh, ongoing series of content that brought out the fun and flexibility of their products while also selling jeans.

Creativity that converts.

The result has been an ongoing series of spots that are both playful and enticing to tap. We showcased what's special and comfortable about Mott + Bow's jeans, zeroing in on the value propositions and calls to action that drove the best results. Variations like different actors, swapping in clothing and more twists added variety to our core concepts and helped us all find the best-performing match.

Alejandro Chahin

Alejandro Chahin


Mott & Bow

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