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DoorDash Taps Startup Ready Set
To Deliver DR Video Ads Creative At Scale

“90% of the video ads DoorDash is running across social channels
were produced by Ready Set... we're getting the scale we need now."

Justin Neustadter, Head of Mobile User Acquisition

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Direct response ads your brand team will actually like.

Coming from Airbnb and Nanigans, we know brand and we know growth.
You get the best of both in every ad.

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“What’s interesting about Ready Set for marketers is the opportunity to learn what works in video at a faster rate, and at a lower cost.”

Gary Briggs

Former CMO, Facebook

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“It’s rare in the marketing world for something to come along that’s truly new. Ready Set is one of those things.”

James Peng

Head of Performance Marketing


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“When you can use live-action creative to break through and gameplay to get conversion, it’s a powerful combination.”

Roni Gertel

Head of User Acquisition


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“You can fit big ideas on a small screen. Those kinds of constraints actually get me excited.”

Anthony DeCarolis

Group Creative Director

Grey, McCann, Wieden & Kennedy

Clio Hall of Fame

Ready Set Contributor

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“We’ve gotten into a world where we’re so busy measuring and optimizing everything that we forget what a delightful, fun experience and a human voice can do to these response rates.”

Andrew Chen

Growth Guru

Uber, Andreessen-Horowitz

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“No one knows what’s going to work until they run it. I like coming up with lots of different approaches to try.”

Michelle Cherland

Associate Creative Director Colle McEvoy Gold Effie

One Show Awards

Ready Set Contributor

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The average live-action ad costs $354,000* to make.

That’s ridiculous. We are reinventing the way video ads are produced.
*According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies

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Create and Convert

An exclusive partnership between Ready Set and Thesis. Combine the best creative and the best landing pages to supercharge your performance.


Get 10% off both together.

Social first. Truly.

Most TV “cut-downs” are too long for social. We grab attention in the first two seconds.

Variety is everything.

No one knows which creative will work until they try. We try a lot.

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No stock video. Ever.

People can smell stock. You don’t want your company to smell like that. We stick to fresh creative that converts.

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