"Ready Set has been a great partner. They combined efficient production with a high bar for quality."

How do you sell a product most people don't understand?

You empathize and you educate, which is exactly what Ready Set did. We started by learning more about the types of people were already buying crypto today, and worked to identify adjacent audiences that had the highest potential. Then, we created video ads that spoke to them. Most concepts were six seconds, a great forcing function to get the message and "why" someone should engage up front.

We zeroed in on what mattered most to their audience.

The first spots we conceived were all about Coinbase. But we realized very quickly that first the target audience had to be on board with the idea of buying cryptocurrency. Even a little. We produced a steady stream of video ads focusing on how easy it was to get into and how little money was needed to start. In general, ease-of-use messaging works very well in the short-form world of social.

James Peng

James Peng

Head of Performance Marketing,


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