"TikTok started as an experiment and Ready Set turned it into one of our biggest channels. It’s helped accelerate our growth more than we expected."

Not Following Trends - Setting Them

Brigit was in a crowded category and needed something beyond catchy to bust out. Ready Set came up with an opener called “Asking my gf for money 😆” that led into a spot that became one of Brigit’s best performing ads of all time, spending hundreds of thousands on TikTok. Best of all, it started a trend of (“Asking my gf/bf for money”) that went viral.

Walking the Line of Fintech Compliance

Brigit is an app that can help build your credit, organize you finances or get you advanced Instant Cash. All three of these areas are thorny from a compliance perspective and need to be dealt with carefully. Ready Set’s Quality Assurance team worked with Brigit and TikTok to ensure that all ads were green lit to run.

Zuben Matthews

Zuben Matthews

Founder + CEO


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