"Ready Set made diversifying onto TikTok easy. They understand the channel better than anyone we've met, and their ads just work."

When the product is the story

With such a unique product: deluxe pop-up greeting cards that crushed it on Shark Tank, putting the company’s products front and center was paramount. Especially on TikTok where no one wants to see ads, they want to see value, we put the cards on camera in the first few seconds and made it fun. We leaned into seasonal TikTok trends and other ways to bring the cards to life.

Scaling shooting of SKUs

Lovepop is a seasonal business, so keeping up with the cards is a challenge for them. Partnering with our LA studio + warehouse space and our Head of Supply Chain and Logistics there, Lovepop was able to get cards in front of the camera on time and in season. It was a ton to handle - there were hundreds of different SKUs and it was important to keep up with what was selling out and what was needing selling. Ready Set was able to do both at scale.

Jake Marston

Jake Marston

Senior Director of marketing


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