So what do you guys do, exactly?

We make Hit Ads our Clients Love. Beating your current control ads is our promise, and we do it with creative you can be proud of. Our CEO came from the marketing team at Airbnb and our Creative Strategists come from the top Performance Creative companies in the world.

What don’t you do?

Literally anything else! We are laser-focused on high-performing video ads for Meta and TikTok.

What if I want to run Ready Set ads on YouTube/OTT/Web/Amazon etc?

You absolutely can! We want to enable your internal team, not compete against it. You get access to all the raw files and can rework them into whatever you like.

Can I use Ready Set footage to make other Facebook ads?

Yes! Again, you have free rein with Ready Set to use all of our raw footage, After Effects files, project files and more to build your own ads, for any platform. We want you to succeed! Some of our clients’ biggest hits have been produced internally.

What kinds of brands are the best fit?

Think of our Smart Creative Feed as a superweapon that can be turned on to increase your performance on paid social. For our Managed Service, the best fit are ecom and fintech clients spending 200k or more on paid social/mo. For our new SaaS product, which is much more low touch where you still get a ton of ads, clients should be spending 50-200k/mo for the best fit.

Real commercials can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce. How are you able to do these so inexpensively?

We created a “sharing economy for shoots” on your behalf. It allows us to defray the cost to shoot and up the quality by having several clients share the same high-end crew and equipment on the same day.

What kind of quality are we talking?

The ideas for Ready Set spots come from the top advertising creatives in the world. This is a level and scale of creative ideation that we saw was hard to find for digital.

How do you charge?

We offer both flat fee and % of spend options!

Will your creative make my performance go through the roof by Tuesday?

We wish we could promise that! Think of Ready Set as a learning platform. It’s hard to learn what types of video ads work best when it’s difficult to produce video ads beyond low-quality quickie ideas, type-over-product-shots and stock videos. We help you test high-quality, on-brand video at speed and scale.

But are you going to help my ROI over time ?

Absolutely. We focus on the “I” in your ROI, lowering the investment needed to make on-brand video work for you. We do this both via the video ads themselves and lowering the cost of your team’s menial work like re-sizes and re-cuts.

Could I just shoot video ads myself?

You definitely can. The reason our clients choose us is usually that they don’t specialize in video ad creative as a core strength, and their bandwidth is already stretched. It takes a lot of time and expertise to: 1) Source and curate ad ideas from award-winning creatives 2) Secure locations, permits, talent releases (including for UGC ads) and a full-size film crew 3) Run a casting process involving hundreds of actors 4) Produce, shoot, color correct and edit into multiple formats and 5) Do it all again the next month. The good news is, it’s what we love and what we’re good at.

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